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Think you know all the ways our treatment of animals impacts the world?

At Thinking Animals United, we want the world to know how intelligent and emotionally sophisticated other animals are – and that our well being and survival is linked to theirs.

We bring together some of the brightest minds in wildlife conservation and animal welfare with entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, journalists, environmentalists and the public to encourage innovative thinking, new working relationships and educational synergies.

The Impact of Our Unsustainable Treatment of Other Animals

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August 30, 2021
Thai Van Nguyen founded Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, which rescued 1,540
August 27, 2021
The care, protection and conservation of other animals is essential
August 13, 2019
Philip Lymbery is Chief Executive Officer of Compassion in World Farming, an award winning author, ornithologist, photographer, naturalist, self-confessed animal advocate, and commentator on the global effects of industrial farming.